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Essay on Personal Narrative- My Love of Reading and Writing

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Personal Narrative- My Love of Reading and Writing

Reading and writing has always played a vital part in my life. From toddler to adult, pre-elementary to college, I’ve managed to sharpen both skills to my liking. However, even though it significantly helped, schooling was not what influenced me to continue developing those skills into talent. Many different things shaped and influenced my learning, and now reading and writing have become the safety net of my life. I know that even if I have nothing else in the future, I’ll still have my talent and knowledge. To ensure my success, I hope to further develop those skills so that I may fulfill my wishes. I was always a creative child; it was something I just…show more content…

Reading was the new outlet for my imagination and the stories I read fascinated me. They weren’t too unlike the scripts of computer games or the own stories I came up with on my own, but books actually had the action and emotional aspects written out. And again, while my peers were reading things about growing up, things that had morals and would teach valuable lessons (I remember one book about a shoplifter who had to do community service at an animal shelter), I read real fiction: Jurassic Park, Dragonriders of Pern, Lord of the Rings… Stuff of fantasy and science-fiction that let my mind stray from reality. Stuff that kept my imagination alive while I was being forced to learn multiplication and the names of countries. Of course, my teachers encouraged me to keep reading, as long as I wasn’t doing the reading in the middle of their lectures. But it wasn’t because of their influence, however, that kept me interested in books. It was because I loved it. It put pictures into my head and made me think. So I kept reading. But even then I knew reading wasn’t enough… Yes, the stories were fascinating, but they weren’t what I wanted. Back then I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but as middle school came to a close, I found it. All eighth graders had to take a career class to determine what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember telling my teacher that I wanted to be an archaeologist and the strange look she

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Before you share a story about a time when you learned a valuable lesson, you'll want to see how other students explored their topics. Read the sample paragraph and narrative essay in this lesson and answer the questions about them. Think about how the writer puts ideas together and how you might do so in your own narrative.

A narrative paragraph briefly shares a story about something that happened in the writer's life. It includes three parts: The topic sentence introduces the story. The body sentences describe what happened in time order. The ending sentence tells why the experience was important, possibly by stating a lesson learned.

Saying Good-Bye

Topic SentenceThe news broke during a family meeting, the first I can ever remember my parents calling.Mom and Dad sat my brother Patrick and me down in the living room. “We have some big news,” said my Dad, his voice cracking. He paused. My mom continued, “Your dad’s company is transferring him to the United States, and we’re going with him.”Body Sentences My mind went blank. The United States? I had never even visited anywhere outside of my home country, the Philippines. My eyes welled with tears. “What!” I stood and exclaimed. But my protests were no use. In ten days, we would be leaving the only home I’d known. Those last days were filled with last-minute packing, final meals, and final good-byes. I met my best friend Nicole for one last cheese ensaymada at our favorite bakery.Ending SentenceThe flaky sugar-coated pastry never tasted so bittersweet.

A narrative essay shares a story. This personal narrative focuses on a meaningful event in the writer's life. The beginning paragraph introduces the focus of the story in an interesting way. The middle paragraphs share the action and events of the story in time order. The ending paragraph sums up the experience and shares a final thought about it.


LeadMy brother and I were watching TV when my dad called out, “Anna, Patrick, we’re going to have a family meeting. Go to the dining room.”Beginning Paragraph My brother’s eyes met mine. Family meeting? We had never had one before. That gave me a very odd feeling.

As soon as we arrived, my dad started, his voice cracking. “We’ve stayed in this country—I mean house—your whole lives. But there are times that we have to leave and go on.”

I really didn’t understand what my dad was saying—country and leave?

“What your dad is saying is that his company is transferring him to the United States,” my mom clearly explained.


Tears welled in my eyes. “What!” I stood and exclaimed.

“Anna, sit down. You’re the oldest, and you should understand. We’re all going to leave. Tomorrow we’re going to the embassy for the papers and that’s final,” my dad said in anger and left.

Middle Paragraphs

We were approved at the embassy and granted visas, and we were leaving June 10. We spent our last ten days packing up things and selling some of our appliances. We also found someone who would rent our house.

I said good-bye to my best friend Nicole at our favorite bakery down the road from my house (or, should I say, my former house). We ate cheese-filled ensaymadas and shared our favorite memories together through a mixture of laughter and tears. The flaky pastries never tasted so bittersweet.

Thought Details

On June 10 my mom woke me up early. She said, “We have to leave early, or the traffic might catch up on us.”

Well, I hope so, I thought to myself.

We placed all our baggage on top of the van and headed for the airport. I was the last one in the car. As we moved farther along, I could see my home fading away. And in that moment, I felt a part of me would still be there.

We arrived at the airport at eight o'clock in the morning. As I passed the metal detector, it beeped loudly because I was wearing a jumper with a metal buckle. At that time, I wished the police would take me and not let me on the plane.

“Flight 800 is now boarding. Flight 800 is now boarding,” announced the lady. That was our flight.

Ending Paragraph

We gave the tickets to the woman at the counter. A flight attendant showed us to our seats. Luckily, I sat beside the window, and watched as I left my country. My body might be going to the U.S. in this journey in my life, but my heart would stay in the Philippines.

Respond to the narrative essay.

Work with a partner to answer these questions. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. How does the essay get your attention in the lead sentence?

    The essay begins with tension. The writer's father tells her to come to an unexpected family meeting. The reader is left wondering what the meeting will address.

  2. What role does the dialogue play in the narrative? What impact does it have on you as a reader?

    (Answers will vary.) The dialogue conveys the actions and emotions of the characters. It helps readers feel as if they are witnessing the story in person.

  3. Besides dialogue, what other sensory details does the writer include? Give at least three examples.

    (Answers will vary.) Details like "his voice cracking" and "beeping" metal detector provide specific sounds. "My eyes welled with tears" gives a specific sight. Taste and textures are shown in the "flaky" and "bittersweet" pastry.

  4. What role do thought details play in the narrative?

    (Answers will vary.) The thought details let readers know what the writer was thinking during the experience.

  5. What specific lesson does the writer learn from the experience? (Hint: She shares it in the ending paragraph.)

    Even though the writer is moving to the United States, part of her will always remain in the Philippines.

  6. Teaching Tip

    Help students realize that the key features in the model personal narrative can inspire them as they create their own narratives.

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