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How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is estimated to affect 7% of the US population. Because of the burden and costs resulting from the disease, preventing it has attracted interest . This paper discusses the various ways of preventing type 2 diabetes. Preventing the disease is critical to reducing its costs and burden and improving health.

It is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes. Weight loss has been the primary prevention mechanism. Screening, lifestyle modification, education and pharmacotherapy are the pillars of preventing the disease. Among women with gestation diabetes and at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, continuous screening and assessment of fasting blood glucose, lipoprotein and cholesterol levels are recommended. Assessments for prediabetes ought to begin at age 45, with the screenings repeated at 3-year intervals in the case of normal results. However, among those under high risk of diabetes, screening should be done even when younger than 45 years.

Exercises can contribute to preventing type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle modifications aiming at increasing exercise and reducing weight would hinder the development of the disease. Interruption of sedentary behaviors ubiquitous in daily living such as prolonged television watching and replacing such with increased bouts of walking throughout the day. When lifestyle interventions fail or are unsustainable, pharmacological intervention is considered as a second-line preventive strategy for high-risk patients.

Education is crucial in diabetes prevention, especially among the high-risk individuals. Such is the case considering few individuals positively change their lifestyles. Lifestyle education should be provided to the high-risk individuals. For education to be effective, it ought to be provided prior to any evidence of disease becoming apparent .

In conclusion, prevention of type 2 diabetes would assist in reducing the costs incurred in managing the disease and improving individuals’ health. Such prompts attention towards preventing its onset. It is upon the relevant parties to facilitate the adoption of the prevention strategies, while the public should be aware of how to protect themselves from the disease.

Essay on Prevention of Type II Diabetes

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Every single day millions of people are bypassing simple steps to prevent Type II diabetes. As of January 2011, 25.8 million children and adults have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes (American Diabetes Association). Type II diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar levels due to a malfunction within the body to properly use insulin. The role of insulin is to lower and control blood sugar levels so they do not get too high. After people are diagnosed with Type II diabetes they have to immediately start taking care of it before it progresses into another serious disease, such as heart disease or kidney disease. Type II diabetes is irreversible and will have to be taken care of daily. Specifically, diet and exercise are proven…show more content…

Symptoms of Type II diabetes in a child may develop slowly or they may have none at all. If the child is seen to have any unexplained weight loss, increased hunger or thirst, even after eating, dry mouth, extreme fatigue, itchy skin or numbness or tingling in the hands or feet it is highly recommended to seek medical attention in order to start treating the disease quickly. The easiest and most effective ways of treating childhood Type II diabetes is by changing to a healthy diet, daily exercise, and taking medications that are specifically designed for children under the age of 18 to lower blood sugar. The medication Metformin is one of the only medications that a child can take in order to keep their blood sugar level low. The only other medication they could take if Metformin does not work would be insulin by injection. It is also highly recommended for children to monitor their blood sugar with daily tests to make sure they are not over or under their normal blood sugar level. The article states that “the same steps used to treat Type II diabetes in children can also prevent it”. With this being said the forms of prevention of childhood Type II diabetes are reducing the intake of fats and sweets and increasing the amount of daily physical activity. For other age groups of people with Type II diabetes, the prevention and treatment options are very similar. The most common age group that develops Type II diabetes are

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