New Block Undefined Begin The Bibliography Beamerball

I'm using MikTex v2.9 for homework in the subject computergraphics at university.

I'm using the acmsiggraph layout.

So my problem is, I'm trying to use BibTex for my bibliography and everytime I get an error while compiling:

My BBL-File looks weird, year and published are missing. I don't know why.

My Bibfile named "bib.bib" looks like this:

I added the bibfile at the end of the document like I'm supposed to do.

The weird thing is, if I ignore the error, the "Literatur"-Section in my PDF looks OK, and has all the information from the .bib-file in it. And the bbl-file looks OK too and has all the information in it:

But the error stays. So please, if you have any idea help me please. :)

EDIT: Still getting the Error, but it now looks like I can work with it... And it doesn't matter what I refer to in \cite it shows [0] at any place? :D

Thank you very much!


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