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This topic was chosen because of the issue government’s effort to assist unemployedgraduates by introducing the Certificate in English language program through theGraduate Training Scheme. The graduates already finish their study in tertiary educationbut still have problems with the English language knowledge and communication skills.The government believes that this programme will enhance graduates knowledge aswell as increase their employability.This assignment was conducting an interview with OUM’s students regarding theimportant of mastering English language nowadays. Moreover, the question of what arethe problem in using English and implement the education in English.

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English in Malaysia today is as a second language which will provide Malaysian toaccess to the international society. Malaysia’s government believes that Englishlanguage standard needs to raise it among young people even teachers if Malaysianwants to compete effectively in the global market. Beside, the changes in the educationsystem are driven this global market forces as well as leading to a need for the Englishlanguage. Unfortunately, the reach of critical point of information technology in Malaysiaseem has no give the effect of English usage among Malaysian youngster which mightbecause of hampered by the dominant position held by mother tongue – Malay.Furthermore, the objective of turning Malaysia as educational centre of excellentare deceived with the not enough input on the content of world class education facilitiesand worsen by the teachers and lecturers are just as terrible as the English languageeducation level. It reveals by the Higher education minister that many lectures in publicuniversities lacked proficiency in the English language. In conjunction, Minister of highereducation suggested intensive refresher courses in English for lecturers are needed for





Every year, a large numbers of graduates emerging from the local universities, private or publichigher institutions. However, numerous articles have been written in the education journals, andnewspapers over the past years about the issue of high unemployment rates among localgraduates. According to the New Sunday Times (2008) indicated that “A qualification whichfocuses solely on academic skills is just not attractive enough to today’s employers. Employerswould like the graduates who have good academic as well as “rounded” qualifications”.According Nurita, Shaharudin and Ainon(2004), more employers in Malaysia are looking for graduates who are balanced with good academic achievement and possessing ‘soft skill’ such as problem solving, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to be flexible. Thestatistics provided by ‘The Sun’ newspaper in 2006 reported that the unemployment rates of the private colleges recorded 26% ,whereas the foreign graduates 34% and meanwhile the publicuniversities has reached a surprising 70%. Today, most of the employers are looking for graduates with a high level of confidence who are exposed to niche areas outside of their academic studies.

Today, employers looking for quality skills in interpersonal communication,critical thinking, and problem-solving, not just the ability to complete job duties (Un ange passé,2008).

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook 2010 surveyed that the Malaysian graduates lack of the analytical skills, teamwork skills,communication skills, strong work ethic and technical skills. Besides, the recruitment section of the daily newspapers will give some clear informations. Job advertisements constantly define agraduate as the people with the following qualities such as eager to learn, results –driven, possesses enthusiasm and initiative, good communication and interpersonal skill, excellentwritten and spoken English, flexibility, time management, leadership, numeracy, planning andorganizing skill, commercial awareness, teamwork, decision making ,creativity, independence,stress tolerance, lifelong learning self awareness and last but not least, proficiency in MicrosoftOffice applications. Therefore, this academic report presents the findings of the important skillsthat employers are looking for in graduates . On the other hand, the suggestion for relevant bodies to ensure that future graduates are equipped with the skills listed.3

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