India Against Corruption Short Essay Topics

Corruption is found in the government when instead of thinking about the interests of the citizens as a whole, the members of the government are chiefly interested in promoting their own selfish interests.

Corruption is found in both public and private organizations and everyone starting from the clerk to the Managing Director of a company is corrupt in a way or the other. The clerk takes small bribes from the people who visit the office so that their work is finished early than the others who are waiting in a queue.

In India, bribes are also accepted in a few temples where devotees offering bribes are given priority over others to visit the temple.

Parents offer bribes in schools and colleges to get their child admitted. There is no institution, no organization which is not corrupt in a way or the other.

But the question that arises is that can an anti-corruption movement be started and if yes, shall it be successful.

The answer depends largely on the adaptation of anti-corruption measures by both the government and the citizens. It is essential for all the Indians to stop taking bribe and also to stop offering bribe in any form.

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This is the foundation on which the success of any anti- corruption measure will depend. A recent example of anti- corruption measure has been adopted by Mr. Anna Hazare against the existing system of government. He was of the opinion that the Lokpal Bill should be passed in both the houses of the Parliament as a result of which all the ministers and the members of the Parliament would become answerable before the law.

The movement also supported by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and was successful initially because it instilled among the citizens the awareness of the necessity to pass the Lokpal bill but this movement proved to be unsuccessful in the later stages when the Lokpal bill failed to pass.

Corruption is an incurable disease which all the citizens should try to combat by hook or by crook. It is only because of the corrupt politicians that today India is burdened with enormous loans from the developed countries especially America. It has been estimated that if the money deposited In the Swiss Bank of Switzerland by the Indian politicians return to India, not only will India be free from all the loans but the rising prices of different commodities would immediately shoot down.

People should be allowed to re- elect the candidate they voted for if he fails to fulfill the promises that he made while contesting the elections. People are of the opinion that corruption is a way of life and nothing can be done to eradicate it. It is essential to understand that unless we as the citizens are not determined to do away with corruption from the roots, how we can expect the government to be corruption- free.

Fighting Corruption In India

Corruption is the major problem facing many countries today. It is what makes countries remain behind and leave their citizens suffering in the substandard living standards. Citizens are struggling in poverty all because of corruption. It has robbed many countries the chance to give good chances for their people. Health care is still a nightmare to many people. Some services are not accessible to the common citizens. Only the wealthy can access them. India among other countries suffers all because of corruption. It is not possible for the citizens to access the essential services like health care and education. The Indian government is investing a lot so as to bring to an end this menace that has robbed it its growth.

Corruption Activities in India

Politicians and the influential business people are the ones mostly involved in corruption activities. Corruption leads to loss of revenue. India is known to have treaties with Mauritius. These conventions allow the politicians and the business people to deposit enormous amounts of money in accounts in Mauritius. This money goes untaxed and this robs India a significant source of revenue. The other vice is that politicians pocket a lot of money from the government-funded projects. About fifty percent of the money that is given by the government for welfare projects ends up in the pockets of the politicians. This is the money that they deposit in accounts overseas. They later on get the money as funds for their campaigns or fake projects. The other major contributor of corruption is the lack of proper education system. This has been contributed by corruption itself there is thus India requires the skills that can steer the countries growth.

Steps being taken to fight corruption in India

Some politicians have taken it upon themselves to try the fight against corruption. They have accepted it as their responsibility to provide the needed services like education and health care. This will act as a challenge to other political leaders and they will be keen to match their counterparts. The other effort being taken is the establishment of tax codes. This will ensure that all the money that is in accounts overseas will be taxed. It will earn India some revenue. The government needs to be very keen when allocating funds. To give priority to important projects first. Strong leadership skills will also be crucial in the fight against corruption. This will only be possible if good education system is put in place.

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