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David Ripley19 October 2017 - 17:09

I think that writing a new ending is dangerous, Sharon - basically because I happen to know that the HL WA examiners in English don't like the idea! The fundamental idea is that new endings shouldn't be written just because you don't like the original ("I want a happy ending, not a sad one!"). The key principle is that the 'creative' approach should ILLUMINATE the existing work in some way, not simply replace it - you don't just re-write Hamlet as a wacky comedy just because you think tragedy is boring.

That said, there is nothing in writing that defines exactly what 'creative' includes or does not include, and as you say, the Guide suggests a new ending (probably erroneously) as an option. So new endings can't be ruled out, but I would insist that the student should be very clear, and make completely clear in the Rationale, how such a new or alternative ending helps us to understand the existing text better. The logic might be "... the alternative ending shows how the couple's relationship COULD have continued if they had managed to explain better what happened when..." Do you see the idea?

A final point - the issue of text types is not really relevant. The Guide leaves the choosing of text type pretty much open (apart from the essay), and so writing 'in the style of' must be acceptable. See the page Writing Pastiche.

Language B-SL focuses on language acquisition and development of language skills.

Therefore, it is the study of French, Spanish or German as a Foreign Language and is intended for students who have had previous learning of it, approximately a low B1 CEFR level.

Language B Standard level is designed to meet (at the end of the 2-year course) the criteria for CEFR level B2  in the four domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the two-year course, exposure to a wide variety of audio and written material provides students with the opportunity to exercise and develop the four skills mentioned above, and to learn to use the language confidently and competently in various contexts. Students should also have acquired a good understanding of the cultural background of the language they will be studying, as well as the way in which it affects their use of it.

The Language B-SL syllabus approaches the learning of language through meaning. Through the study of the core and the options, students build the necessary skills to reach the assessment objectives of the course through the expansion of their receptive, productive and interactive skills.

The core is divided into three areas and is a required area of study:

• Communication and media

• Global issues

• Social relationships

In addition, teachers select two from the following five options:

• Cultural diversity

• Customs and traditions

• Health

• Leisure

• Science and technology

Difference between Language B at Standard Level and Higher Level:

SL and HL are differentiated by the recommended number of teaching hours, the depth of syllabus coverage, the study of literature at HL only, and the level of difficulty and demands of assessment and assessment criteria.

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